Electric Abstraction Archive

Listed here are Steve's songs starting when he picked up a guitar after 10 years. All songs on this page are listed by year from newest to oldest. They show a steady stream of growth while Steve battled to relearn, and strived to learn more about music.

The most recent songs between 2006-2008. One song from 2007, "One O'Clock In The Evening," was Steve's first attempt at recording drums in real time using a Yamaha DD-55 percussion pad. As you can hear, it wasn't a very good attempt. Steve had only been playing drums 2 or 3 months and hadn't quite caught on. The two most recent ones however demonstrate much better drumming

Around the 2005 time period, Steve had improved his keyboard skills enough to play those parts in real time. This made for much smoother work flow.

During the 2003 and 2002 time period, Steve was using a keyboard to play all keyboard parts, but they weren't in real time. Steve employed the more tedious method of step recording them.

During the years of 2001 and 2000, all parts normally played on a keyboard were drawn by hand on a staff using the mouse. This was exponentially more tedious than even the step recording used above.

Steve's oldest songs were recorded in 1999 when he first started getting serious about music after a nearly 10 year hiatus. All the synth parts were played using a G-Vox computer based guitar to midi converter. The timing is way off, the guitar playing is bad, and the recording technique is rudimentary. Still, they're not too bad considering he'd only been playing for a few months. Listening to these songs will give the listener a good indication of just how much Steve has grown since.

Grouped with the oldest songs is a relic recorded way back in 1986. At the time, Steve was on active duty in the US Navy. He recorded this song using a 4-track cassette recorder, an early 70's model Fender Strat, and a cheap Casio keyboard. He used the auto-accompaniment feature of the keyboard to record the bass and drums. He then used the keyboard set to an organ patch routed through an Ibanez Tube Screamer to get a Jon Lord-ish organ sound.

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